Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Grocery Budget

You have read some of my posts, no doubt, about budgeting, and the peace that it brings to know what you have to spend each week, month, or year.

However, I have been having a real struggle, it seems, with our grocery budget. It is tough to explain why, or to even track why. I mean, we have a family of five, so I know, it takes some money to feed us. Also, what works well, is the fact that we are buying more regular staples, meats, vegetables, and the like. We are also finding deals on things, and stocking up. For instance, we found boneless chicken at Sam's club by the 40 pound case for $1.05 per pound... usually we spend $1.79 at the discount grocery store, and it is upwards of $3.49 per pound at the regular grocery stores. So we grabbed a case of it, bagged it up, and in the freezer it goes.

So maybe I am too hard on us. We are still working at it. I comment to my wife that we are spending a bit on groceries, but we are eating better than ever. Also, when you factor in that we are spending close to $400 less per month on eating out, the savings are even better.

Well, maybe we will tighten up a bit on the groceries. It is hard to when you find deals like the boneless chicken.

One last thing... I always look at groceries in the freezer like money in the bank. It is a storage facility for an asset. And, when you save money on it, even better! But, having a freezer full of food is great when you have a tight week, and want to skip grocery shopping. That way, you can. In fact, you have to skip it every few weeks, to realize the savings that you are getting from buying in bulk and on sale.

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