Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Girls and the Mall

I had the privilege of taking my daughter and my niece to the mall as part of our "Daddy-Daughter" day. We had a shortened day, as we didn't get going until about 5:00 in the afternoon, so I figured that we could make a quick trip to the mall.

Well, needless to say, they loved it! And, getting a chance to spend some time with them one on one was incredible as well.

But, I really learned a little something about marketing. Namely, everything at the mall is geared towards nine to fourteen year old girls, and helping them to part with their (or Daddy's) money!

I have done well with money lately, and that is good because of the financial squalls that have been on the horizon. Not quite a storm, but it appears that January's bonus just went bye-bye. If that happens for three or four months in a row, now we have a storm, but not yet. Plus, the storm that is looming is the possibility that we may need to hire a lawyer soon (and more on that later), makes for a time to start to pile up a bit of cash.

But Wow! The mall can really give ways for you to part with that in short order!

We didn't do too bad though. I spent about $23.00 on girlie-girl accessories at, what we call the "girlie-girl" store. And, I spent about $6.00 at the bookstore on a book for my niece. That was OK, because she hasn't been much of a reader, and she is beginning to show an interest in that.

My niece is fairly new in my life, but she is already a big part of it, and she is destined to become an even bigger part! And, I certainly will have to work to teach her financial responsibility, but I know that in doing so, it will make her life better!

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