Monday, November 3, 2008

Here we go!

Well, here I go!

Everyone has told me that I should have a blog, so, I decided to just make it happen! I hope that my musings here will help you out in some way.

OK, so on to my title, Doing Money Right. Well, there is definitely a wrong way to do money. I have found that out the hard way. But, how do we take a hold of our money, and do this thing right?

I want to chronicle my family's journey, and let you know some of what we have found, and are continuing to find every day. Personal finance should not be boring! We should enjoy every step of the way, and, if we make a game out of it, personal finance can be richly entertaining.

What won't you see here? You won't see get rich quick schemes. Face it people, they don't work! You won't see advice from wall street MBAs, since one, I am not a Wall Street MBA, two, I don't know any, three, I wouldn't want to pay them what they want, and four, I have this strange idea that you would rather read what I have to say anyway!

So, welcome, and I hope that you enjoy your stay!

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