Thursday, January 8, 2009

Braces for my Little Girl

My wife and I took our daughter to the orthodontist yesterday. She may need some teeth pulled to make room for some other teeth, and then she might need braces as well. She still has some growing to do, so we will have to wait and see for six months. Who knows, maybe she won't have to have them after all?

What amazes me, is how conditioned they are for you to make payments to them! We did not even talk money, as it is way too early in this stage, but I saw people in there, routinely making payments. They even had a sign saying that you could now make automatic payments.

My wife and I are really on the same page now! When we were leaving, she said, "You have six months to save up so that we can pay cash for this when we go in!" I could not agree more. Braces for my daughter are no different than any other expense. I have plenty of warning about them, so there is plenty of time to save up. It is not an emergency.

It is not something that I am willing to go into debt over!

So, as much as my daughter's pretty smile means to me, I have to plan for it properly. We are debt free with the exception of our home, and I will not change that now!

Besides, maybe I can work a nice prepaid in cash deal with the orthodontist... It is worth a shot!

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J. Money said...

haha...if you could fenagle THAT, you better let me know :) i don't have kids as yet, but you better believe i'll keep that trick in my back pocket!